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The Marjory of my jobs were shot with my Canon DSLR, occasionally I use Nikon system just for its better focus. The beauty of most of the latest digital medium format (Phase One, hasselblad) is the faster sync speed than most of the 35mm DSLRs. Although my flex TT5 PWs allow me go all the way up to 1/8000s, the high power output is necessary in this case, which really slows down your recycling time. Both me and my model can finish a beer between each recycle.

I believe Canon is on a yearly product cycle for the G series compact camera, by the time I started to use this G11, G12 has announced in the market—this happens all the time, these manufactories never stop providing you  latest equipments. I would not use (well depends) a compact camera for a paid job as I still believe the sensor matters, but with the sync speed of  1/2000s, you can easily darker the sun even 2:00 pm during a bright sunshine day. With a trigger and standard flash(check the duration)–you are ready to go.


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